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Littelfuse L50S400 Powr-Gard® Fast-Acting Blade Fuse; 400 Amp, 500 Volt AC/450 Volt DC

  • Littelfuse L50S400 Littelfuse L50S400 Powr-Gard® Fast-Acting Blade Fuse; 400 Amp, 500 Volt AC/450 Volt DC
  • Littelfuse L50S400 Powr-Gard® Fast-Acting Blade Fuse; 400 Amp, 500 Volt AC/450 Volt DC
Manufacturer: Littelfuse
Mfr. #: L50S400
Item #: 195239
UPC: 079458854008
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Product Details

Size: 1.500 Inch x 4.342 Inch

Detailed Description: Littelfuse Powr-Gard® Semiconductor fast-acting blade fuse has traditional round body fuses for enhanced state of the art round body and is rated at 400 Amps/500 VAC/450 VDC. Fuse offers very fast-acting ceramic body to prevent accidental insertion of the wrong fuse rating in a holder. It has designed to withstand the momentary high magnetizing currents of control transformers, solenoids and similar inductive loads. Fuse has operating temperature range from -55 to 125 deg C. It measures 1.500 Inch x 4.342 Inch. Semiconductor fast-acting blade fuse can be used as supplementary protection in appliance or utilization equipment to provide individual protection for components or internal circuits. Limits current for maximum short-circuit protection and reduced arc flash hazard.

Fuse offers low watt loss power consumption and its electrically isolated end caps provide additional safety. In addition, current-limiting fuses are needed to provide superior protection against the potentially damaging effects of short-circuit currents. It can be stud mounted. It is suitable for power electronic applications including variable speed drives, power rectifiers, UPS systems and DC power supplies. Fuse is UL listed and CE/CSA certified.

Product Specification

Application Protection of Semiconductors
Brand Littelfuse
Catalog Description L50 VERY FAST-ACTING SEMICONDUCTOR 400A. Littelfuse L50S Series High-Speed Fuses are designed to protect todayÆs equipment and systems, and are manufactured with Littelfuse-developed technology that sets tomorrowÆs standards for accuracy, consistent quality, reliability, and predictable performance. Littelfuse engineers have redefined High-Speed Fuse Technology by using advanced metallurgical, polymer, and materials research, mathematical modeling, and computerized statistical analysis. Applications: Designed specifically for supplementary protection of semiconducting devices such as silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRÆs), diodes, thyristors, triacs, transistors, and similar solid-state devices. These devices are used in power equipment including variable speed drives, power rectifiers, UPS systems, DC power supplies, and in a wide range of electronic equipment. May be used wherever extremely fast-acting, current-limiting fuses with no time delay are required. Safety AC: 200 kAIC DC: 20 kAIC ù Reliable interruption of all overcurrents meets present and future system requirements. Extremely Current Limiting ù Low I2t and peak let-through currents meet most semiconductor requirements. UL Recognized ù High-speed fuses may be used to provide supplementary protection in UL listed equipment. Safety Low Watt Losses ù Means less heating and power consumption in circuit. Controlled Transient Overvoltages ù All circuits are subject to transient overvoltages during fault current interruption. These transient overvoltages (arc voltages) start when fuse links melt or circuit breaker contacts part, and subside when circuit is interrupted. Semiconductors are very sensitive to overvoltages. Littelfuse high-speed fuse designs keep transient overvoltages to low levels and help reduce semiconductor failure.


Item Status A
Mfr. # L50S400
Special Features Very-Fast Acting
Standard UL Recognized
Type Semiconductor Fuse
UNSPSC 39121628