Interstate Electric Supply for Agriculture

Based in the agricultural heartland of the Midwest, Interstate Electric Supply has been meeting the needs of American farmers since our earliest days. And although farming practices have changed dramatically over the years, the Interstate Electric Supply commitment to farmers has remained constant.

Farming in the 21st century is a highly automated, technology-intensive, global business. And Interstate Electric Supply has the supplies and materials to keep any type of operation running smoothly and safely, whether it’s a family dairy farm, a large-capacity feedlot, a greenhouse or even a vineyard.

Interstate Electric Supply has the inventory and product depth to supply what you need to keep all of your buildings and equipment operating at peak efficiency. We keep extensive local inventories to meet your needs today, backed by the best staff in the industry. And because farmers are the ultimate do-it-yourselfers, our staff can offer guidance on proper installation and use.

Interstate Electric Supply provides essential equipment and supplies including:

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting equipment
  • Building management systems and controls
  • Switches, outlets and other equipment for wet locations
  • Electrical fencing supplies
  • Monitoring and control equipment for livestock & greenhouses