No Restock Charge if:

  • Material is returned in its original condition/carton within 2 weeks
  • After our two-week grace period the customer can still have restock charges waived if they provide original paperwork.  A copy of original sales order is all that is needed.


  • Returned after 2 weeks without original paperwork (15% restock)
  • Cut Wire (non-returnable)
  • Large quantities that creates overstock (restock charge added)
  • Not in original Carton (non-returnable or subject to restocking charge)
  • Not in resalable condition (non-returnable)
  • Modified (non-returnable)
  • Vendor discontinued (non-returnable)
  • We reserve the right to adjust credits on pipe and wire based on current market conditions

(If returned material is “non-returnable,” we will return the material back to customer)

Non-Stock Material

  • Factory Restock charge plus 15% (our handling fee) plus freight


(Normal non-returnable/non-stock items)

  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Anything more than 1 year old (including defectives as they will be out of warranty)
  • Made to order
  • Not in original carton
  • Not in resalable condition
  • Modified
  • Vendor discontinued

**lot credits will be issued on large returns**